The best beaches on the East Coast of Australia

When it comes to visiting Australia, traveling down the East Coast is a must do.  Whether you start up in northern Queensland, and end down in Victoria, or vice versa, you will not be disappointed in what this beautiful country has to offer.  With that being said, the entire coast is over 10,000km of nothing but shoreline and some pretty amazing beaches.  I have narrowed down to my top 5 must see beaches while traveling the famous backpacker trail here in Australia.

Me and my two mates decided we were going to start in Cairns and travel all the way down to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.  It took us 9 weeks, over 12,000km, and three states later, we accomplished our adventure.  And it was one of the best times in all of my travels.

Australia is home to some of the best beaches.  And I’m going to sum up the “must see’s” and where you should stop while traveling the coast.  My first beach is located a little south of Cairns.  You can only get there by boat, with only one tour company that is allowed to make public trips.  Which is why The Frankland Islands makes a spot on my top 5.  Normanby Island is one of 3 small islands that make up the Frankland Group.  It’s crystal clear water and flawless beaches will make you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, relaxing on your own private beach!

The Island sets right in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, and since its not over ran with tourism, the reef is one of the best places to snorkel and dive.  I can guarantee you will see a lots of turtles as well!

Our next stop for the top 5 is Magnetic Island.  This beautiful place sets off the coast of Townsville.  Just a short 20 minute ferry ride.  Magnetic island has some very beautiful beaches, but, the only downfall is that during certain times of the year, you’re not allowed to swim in the norther part of Queensland without a stinger suit.  But its ok, Magnetic island has a spot called Alma Bay where no matter what time of the year it is, you can swim without a suit. There is defiantly a small risk your taking, but, for the 3 days I was there during high stinger season, I came out fine.  The Bay sets in the center of the Island down towards the southeast end.

While your there, don’t forget to check out the koalas and feed the wild wallabies!!!

The next stop is the famous Whitsunday’s, Whitehaven Beach.  This beach is what Australia is known for.  Whitehaven not only lands in my top 5 best beaches on the East Coast, but, in my top 3 best beaches in the entire world!  I honestly don’t think I have ever seen anything like it.  It’s a little chore to get there, but you can pick which way you would like to visit.  They have plenty of day trips leaving Airlie Beach on a daily basis, along with 2-3 day charters and even helicopter rides.  Since your still in Queensland, the stinger suits will be a must, however, you don’t have to wear them when you’re walking ankle-deep in the turquoise water. But do not let that throw you off, because Whiteheven Beach has the some of whitest sand in the world!!!

Everyone knows that Queensland takes the crown for having the best beaches in Australia.  The state has the best weather year around and is home to the best islands and the famous Gold Coast beaches.  However, the one thing that Queensland doesn’t have is the number one beach in the world for the whitest sand.  New South Wales, which is home to Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay takes this crown.  I actually had never even heard of this place until a local friend of mine had mentioned it to me, stating that it was NSW residences favorite place.  I was also told that a family of dolphins lives in the bay and on a daily basis you can see them swimming around.  This beach defiantly took me for surprise.  If you want a couple of days to relax and catch some sun, this should be your spot.

Victoria isn’t known for their beaches, in fact, once you get beyond Jervis Bay in NSW, there really isn’t to many great beaches to see.  When we started our Great Ocean Road adventure I wasn’t expecting to see any beaches, mostly just massive rock formations in the ocean and pretty amazing views….until I stumbled upon this little town called Lorne along the way.  We followed a sign to go up to Teddies Lookout and from there is where we spotted a pretty amazing beach.  The Lorne Scenic Beach is going in my top 5 specifically because I wasn’t expecting Victoria to have anything like this. fullsizeoutput_28ad Its location is right off the GOR and there is a public beach parking area for it.  If you have some time to spare, need a break from driving or just want a nice dip in the cold ocean, I highly suggest stopping here.




There you have it, those are my top 5 favorite beaches along the East Coast of Australia! Enjoy your trip!




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