My short time in Lima, Peru

If your wanting to make a trip to Peru , you will pass through this countries capital city at some point.  Lima is just like any other major city.  Big, busy, crowded, and a little more fullsizeoutput_227overpriced than the rest of Peru.  The one thing that I really enjoyed about Lima was the views.  I could walk along the coast line for hours just looking and the cliffs and the city.  For the most part, Lima is pretty safe.  I never once felt unsafe at any moment walking around, even at night-time.

The tourist area of Lima is known as Miraflores.  In this area there are tons of shops, restaurants, hostels, and hotels.  When it comes to restaurants, I didn’t eat out that much in Lima.  I did a lot of cooking at my hostel.  It was a lot cheaper that way.  Although I did find a couple of places that are worth a trip.  If you want to try a mouth-watering Peruvian sandwich, I highly suggest going to El Enano.  Don’t be shocked if there is a line when you get there.  This poppin local spot will have you coming back for seconds.  fullsizeoutput_1d8eSpecially for the price!  Average price is around 8-10 soles. ($2.50-$3 usd). If you’re a huge meat lover, you have to try the El Enano.  It has 5 different meats piled high on top of two pieces of bread.  Not a sandwich fan, not problem….they have wraps, tacos, and burritos!!!

The other place I found sets off of the main park in Miraflores called Rincon Chami.  For Lima, the prices are pretty low, however, I still thought it was pricey.  If you don’t already know, Peru is known for ceviche and potatoes.  Someone told me Peru is home to over 4,000 varieties of native potatoes! Pretty crazy!  Since Lima sets on the coast, fresh fish really isn’t a problem, so trying ceviche should be on your list.  Rincon Chami has some pretty tasty and decent priced ceviche. (12 soles).

If you want to grab a drink somewhere just head west of the park In the main square.  Calle Bellavista and Calle Berlin are two main roads that have tons of bars and restaurants to choose from.  There is also a cheap bar at The Point Hostel.  It’s a little far from Miraflores, but the taxi or uber fare isn’t that bad.

Theres are tons of hostels to choose from.  I stayed at Dragonfly Hostel my first time in Lima.  It has an amazing roof top terrace with some hammocks and the location is great. They also offer airport pickup service to beat the hassle when you arrive.  My second time I stayed at Hitchhikers Hostel.  It was decent for the price, but nothing special.  It set off of the main square a little bit, but it wasn’t a bad walk. Both had really big kitchens and included breakfast.  Some other popular hostel in this area are Kokopelli, Pariwana, Puriwasi, and Loki hostel.  If you stay outside of Miraflores, 1900 Backpackers is in the heart of Lima and is highly recommended.

During my short stay in Lima, I enjoyed the views off the high cliffs that outline the city. If you stay in Miraflorefullsizeoutput_20dfullsizeoutput_209s, all you have to do is walk south towards the beach and you will run right into the cliffs.  You can stay up top or make your way down, whichever you prefer.  I advise you to be up top when the sun sets. Every single night I spent in Lima, the sunsets were breath-taking!

During the day I suggest waking along the walkways of the coast line.  You can catch
fullsizeoutput_222people paragliding along the edge, see views from all over the city, walk along the black rock beaches, and watch the local surfers catch some waves!  If you’re a surfer yourself, there are tons of shacks to rent surf boards down on the beach.  There are also little snack vendors, until after sunset, roaming around for ice-cold drinks and food.  Lima is very hilly, and its a process to get down to the beach and back up.  If your going for a walk, make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

To the north of Miraflores there is a placed called Huaca Pucllana.  It’s about a 20 minute nice walk, and you pass right by El Enano!!  Huaca are clay pyramids ruins surrounded fullsizeoutput_20fby a massive wall.  Its worth the trip to go and see them.  You can get in for free and walk around a little roped off area or you can wait around for the tour.  You can’t roam freely around the ruins.  The only way to actually go up inside is with a tour guide.  It takes about an hour and half for the tour.  I recommend going early to beat the heat because there is no shaded spots when walking around.

The Lima airport is located in the worst spot in the entire city.  I’ve been told it’s very unsafe in that area.  My first time flying into the airport I arranged a service in advance through my hostel.  After being in Lima for the second time, I got word of a shuttle service that cost a third of the price of a taxi and runs about every 30 minutes and takes you directly into Miraflores and vice versa.  There are two companies.  One is called QuickLlama Lima airport shuttle and only costs 15 soles ($4.50usd) one way.  The other service is Airport Express Lima and they have a counter located inside the terminal, both domestic and international.  They charge $8usd (25 soles) one way.  Both shuttle companies make it easy to book online, show you their stops, and all come with wifi, AC, and as much luggage space as you need. I’ve linked their websites to this page, just click on their names.

Enjoy your time in Lima!!


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