My top 6 favorite things to do in Bali

Bali! I couldn’t recommend a place more to visit in the entire world.  If Bali isn’t on your bucket list, you should put it straight to the top!.  I was lucky enough to spend about 3 months on this beautiful island.  And although I still didn’t get to see everything, I still got to have some wonderful experiences that this multi-cultured place had to offer.  I’m going to list my 6 favorite things to do in Bali.

My first tip: If you don’t know how to ride a motorbike, then you will miss out on so much here.  The best part about exploring this island is to jump on your bike and just drive! The island is so big and has so much hidden beauty, you could get lost for days here. If you can’t drive a motorbike, that’s no problem either.  You can hire a private driver that can get you to almost all of these places I will mention.  It will just cost you a little bit more than a motorbike rental.

  1. Waterfalls:  Bali has a couple of waterfalls throughout the island.  The main one is Tegenungan waterfall.  IMG_6259Its location is up around Ubud.  You can actually swim here so bring your suit.  And if you want to catch some sun, they have chairs to rent on the rocks.  Don’t forget, going back up is a chore! I you forget your water or get hungry they have places at the bottom and top to purchase snacks and drinks.IMG_3445



2.  Hot Springs: Air Panas is the word for “hot water” and Bali has some of the most beautiful hot springs in the middle of nowhere.  Remember not to spend more than an hour in the hot springs.  The sulfur can make you have a huge migraine.

  • Indulge at my favorite Hot Springs of Belulang.  I got lost trying to find this hidden IMG_3185gem but it was well worth it.  Google maps will take you almost all the way there.  Just keep a look out for the sign and If you get lost, stop and ask.  Everyone up that way is extremely helpful!  I IMG_3191
    had heard about this hot spring from some locals and apparently there wasnt a lot of tourist flocking here. And they were IMG_3189right, it was me and 5 local guys hanging out the entire time!  So if you want some peace and quiet this is the place to go! This is also the hottest of all the hot springs on Bali reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius!!! (104 Fahrenheit)
  •  Batur Natural Hot Springs is located on the other side of Batur Lake.
    IMG_6212You won’t find a lot of peace and quiet here, but theIMG_6197 views make up for it.  They have multiple pools that are over look the lake.  People say this is one of the only healing spa’s in Bali.   If your up in this area visiting the
    lake, its worth a stop for an hour or so.  There is a restaurant on site along with a spa area for a nice massage.  They also have showers for afterwards.IMG_6254







  • Angseri Hot Springs was my final stop.

There aren’t as many tourist here as the IMG_3309other ones, but you will still run into them.  Here, IMG_3313you will also be surrounded by beautiful rice paddies and bright colorful pink and red tress.  There is also a waterfall that spills over into one of the pool.  They also offer fresh water showers on site if you want to clean up afterwards.  IMG_3311Don’t forget to stop halfway up  to grab a beer and enjoy the view!  IMG_3318

3.  Learn to surf!!!  If you come to Bali and don’t at least attempt to surf, you have pretty much failed!  Bali is home the best surfing around the world.  People flock from all over fullsizeoutput_dcejust to come here and surf because there is year around waves.  Depending on what
beach you’re at, a surf board and a couple of lessons wont set you back on your budget.  I met a local guy in Canggu that taught me how to surf for under $15 a day including my board.  I actually got pretty decent for a beginner!

4.  Rice fields:  Bali is known for many things, and of course, their beautiful rice fields are one of my top 6 things to do here.  People will argue which ones are the best, so if I was you, I would try to make it to as many of them as possible.  You won’t be disappointed in whichever direction you choose.

  • Jatiluwih Rice Fields are known to be the best on island.  IMG_6003What I liked about these IMG_5983fields is that there is an entrance gate which allows you to walk through the fields.  It makes the views a lot better and lets you explore and see how they maintain the fields. IMG_5989IMG_5978


  • Tegallalang rice fields are located north of Ubud.  IMG_5985These rice paddies set off of a cliff and if you catch them at the right time of planting the rice and not harvesting it, the cliff views of the rice are absolutely breath-taking.fullsizeoutput_109b







5.  Temples:  Another one of my top 6 things to do in Bali is explore the temples. IMG_3132 Tanah Lot Temple is worth a visit.  Its sets west of the island and is a nice day  trip.    Make sure you walk all the way around the Temple grounds, there more cliffs off to the east of the main attraction. IMG_5967  And don’t forget to get that picture perfect moment of the waves crashing in on the rocks!! IMG_3119





  • The second temple I IMG_6028found was located in the Middle part of Bali, around Danau Beratan Lake.  It’s called Ulun Danu Bratan Temple.  This temple sets off the western side of the lake.  Its actual location is a small complex that over look the lake.  It lies over a body of water, and you can not actually go inside the temple, just take some cool pictures of it.

IMG_6060Don’t forget to take some sweet pictures of all the random animals and fruit fixtures around the complex!!!fullsizeoutput_10bc

6.  Beach Hunting:  Another one of my top 6 things to down Bali is to go beach hunting. Bali is said to be paradise, but, what people don’t realize that the beaches in Bali actually suck.  And to be honest, the main beaches are covered in trash and garbage and the water is so brown it makes you wonder why Bali is even considered paradise? Well, I knew there had to be some pretty beaches somewhere on this island, and since I had all the time in the world to try and find them, I decided to explore!

  • Down in what they call the Bukit, the Uluwatu area, (southwest tip) is where a lot of nice beaches are.  Padang Pandang Beach my favorite beck does in that area.  IMG_3045It s a big surf of to the side, but its more of little hidden gem.  The beach itself isn’t that big, so get there early to get a spot.  A couple of other beaches that set off down in the Bukit are Dreamlanders Beach and Bingin Beach.
  • Candidasa is home to the best beach I found.  This is IMG_3267heading east of the island, and on motorbike will take you well over a couple of hours to get there.  I made a full day out of it.  I found a beach called White Sand Beach (Secret Beach) and it was exactly what I was looking for.  I stayed there all day.  There wasnt a lot of people there so I pretty much had the beach to myself, which I really enjoy.  Defiantly worth the drive!fullsizeoutput_1dce


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