Koh Phi Phi

If you’re visiting Thailand, there is a good chance you will land on this crazy beautiful island.  You might have heard of this island from the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio.  A scene from the movie was filmed on Maya Bay that sets off of Koh Phi Phi. 

Getting to Koh Phi Phi isn’t that difficult and is the most commonly used ferry routes in Thailand.  Mostly all of the ferries leave from Rassada Pier in Phuket and take you straight to Tonsai Pier on Koh Phi Phi.  In the high season, you can hire a private speed boat that will take half the time, but will cost you a lot more than the joyful 2 hour ferry ride.  I booked my ferry ticket through the Rassada Pier directly.  Its cheaper and there are no hidden fees since you are booking directly.  Click here to go directly to their website. Their website shows the times for every ferry leaving/returning Rassada Pier along with the prices.  It’s a fairly easy process online.  All you have to do is fill out the form with the ferry time and destination, and then you will get an email containing your information.  You have the option to pay online or pay at the pier.  You then print out your voucher and follow the rest of the instructions in your email.  They also offer transportation to and from the airport.  I found this the most convenient way to beat all the hassle with tour companies and hagglers trying to sell you overpriced tickets. 

This small island was once a hidden gem, but now, it is flooded with thousands of tourist.  The island is so small there are no cars or scooters.  Everything is within walking distance.  With the high flow of tourist visiting daily, it makes this place very underdeveloped and very expensive.  Don’t expect much when getting here.  If your ready to party until the sun comes up on the beach every night and not sleep, this is the place for you.  Also, the average meal is around 150B!

Both times I have been to Koh Phi Phi I have splurged and got a resort style place because I had friends visiting me.  The last time I was here, I got caught in a monsoon and it wasn’t a very happy trip.  The entire island flooded. Along with the rest of southern Thailand.  Check out my video of us leaving the island!


One resort we stayed at was called Phuphaya Beach Resort.  The infinity pool that over looks the ocean is the best part abofullsizeoutput_28eut this place. The rooms are basic, nothing special.  The restaurant is over priced along with the bar.  There is no real beach located here and the major downfall is the hill you have to walk up.  After a couple of times it gets better.  The location is on the upper north side of the island.

The most popular places to stay on Koh Phi Phi is Ibiza House Pool Party, Blanco Beach Bar, and Slinky Hostel.  Also note, these hostels are located right on the party beach of Koh Dalum Bay and can be noisy until 2am.  Strictly party hostels.  If you want a night off from drinking, I would stay elsewhere away from the beach.  There is a wide range of booze cruises available.  This includes all you can drink alcohol for about 6 hours.  This might seem like a good idea, but if you are traveling on a budget, this will set you back around 2000B! ($60usd)

fullsizeoutput_1d33Maya Bay will definitely be on your list of things to do.  It’s a must see, however don’t be alarmed when it’s flooded with tons of people and you can’t get your picture perfect shot.  Almost every hotel/hostel will have a company to book a long tail boat trip through.  It will run you about 500B a person.  This usually includes at least three islands that you can choose from and snorkel  gear.  Now days, there is a park entrance fee to get into Maya Bay.  It’s an extra $400B ($11usd) extra on top of the boat trip.

Diving on this island is one for the books.  Sadly, back in 2012 when I first landed here, I didn’t have any cool gadgets like I do now to show pictures of my experience.  Back then, I paid around $60usd for a two tank dive that lasted almost the entire day.  They pretty much let you dive both times until you run out of air in both tanks.  They dropped us off around shark island for the first dive, picked us back up.  We ate lunch and relaxed a bit, then when back out the opposite way for our second dive.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I saw a barracuda that was bigger than me! The coral and colors were some of the prettiest I’ve seen.  If your certified or just want to do a fun dive while your here, I highly suggest it.  Remember, don’t get to drunk the night before! Throwing up in your regulator isn’t a fun thing to do!

I found it difficult to find cheap food on thisIMG_6120
island.  But I did manage to find some street food.  This man will be here every night usually until around 3am or longer.  He has everything you want.  Dont  expect him to be in a good mood.  He isn’t the nicest Thai person will you come across.  He is located down one of the main roads that take you directly to the beach parties.  Try to locate the bar shipwrecked. He will be on the same little road as that bar. 

Anna’s is my favorite place to eat on island. It has amazing Thai food for around 130B.  The owners are very nice and accommodating as well.  They have really good fresh fruit smoothies for 90B!! IMG_0361 Other than Anna’s, you can walk around and find similar menu’s with the same food at different restaurants along the main road for around the same price.  We would walk down the main street and find places that we thought looked interesting and wasn’t to overpriced. There is also a 7/11 on island. But it runs out of food pretty frequently.  If you have been to Thailand than you know about the ham and cheese toasties.  If not, than you are missing out.  You can get a ham and cheese toastie here for usually 25b (under $1usd).  On Koh Phi Phi they are around 40B if you are lucky enough to get one before they are gone.

Dubliner Pub and Dojo bar seems to be popular bars off the beach.  They usually are the pre party before the beach party every night. You will find little bar stands on every corner selling your typical liquor buckets.  Don’t be shocked when its double the price of a normal liquor bucket costing around 300B!  I found it to be cheaper to buy beer from the stores and walk the streets and beach.  Its half the price of beer in the bars without the wait.  Same goes for a bottle of liquor.  Buy a bucket and then just keep filling it up with your own booze and mixer.  It saves the hassle and doesn’t set you back on your budget. 

I highly suggest everyone that visits Thailand make their way to this fun-filled tiny island. It’s defiantly worth a stop over for a couple of days.  And don’t forget….bring your dancin shoes!!!


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